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May 23, 2009 by Webmaster


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Woman found dead after 'ghostly' encounter in lift: No trauma signs on body

February 23, 2013 by Webmaster

ImageThe woman who was found dead on Feb 19 at a historic Los Angeles hotel's water tank after she was seen acting strangely in the hotel elevator had no fatal wounds on her body, coroner's officials said on Friday.

The inconclusive finding means that further tests must be conducted to determine a cause of death for Elisa Lam, who went missing from the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles under suspicious circumstances in late January.

According to a Reuters report, police have said that detectives had been hoping the autopsy would help determine if her death was the result of an accident or foul play. >> READ MORE

This is not a test: Bodies are rising from their graves

February 19, 2013 by Webmaster

ImageThe Emergency Alert System on Montana station KRTV broadcasted a message during regular programing today with an alert that “the bodies are rising from their graves and attacking the living”. The announcer warned people not to approach them, they’re dangerous.

KRTV reports that the message did not originate from the station and there is no emergency. Engineers are scrambling to figure out what happened.

Hack? A darn good one.

UPDATE (14-Feb-2013) There is an update on where this prank may have originated. >> READ MORE

Pantang: A Docu-Play

October 23, 2012 by Webmaster

Image Image Image

Do you go home early during the seventh month to avoid bumping into… things? Have you ever heard a voice in your ear and turned around to find there's no one there? Do you believe in the unseen? Are you pantang?

This Halloween, join the cast and crew of Pantang as they bring you on a journey into the realm of spirits and other unseen things, based on first-hand accounts and interviews. You’ll find the locale of our stories somewhat familiar, but because the stories happened to people we know and aren’t from a book, they’ll make you lao jio (wet your pants) in fresh and surprising ways…

Here are some of the strange and spooky stories from the show:

  • A young couple moves into a flat built on the location of a fatal plane crash and encounters a tragedy of their own.
  • A soldier on guard duty finds a photograph of a beautiful young girl on the ground and falls into a baffling trance.
  • We interview a man born with the “third eye” who tells us all about the invisible world of spirits around us.

Pantang presents these stories using narratives, shadow-play, multimedia projections, puppetry and re-enactments. But most of all, Pantang is about good old- fashioned story telling. If you would like to have a good scare this Halloween and celebrate our rich local tradition of ghost stories at the same time, come watch Pantang.

Some people, they don't believe… but Pantang will make believers of us all.

For more information, please contact Sophie Khoo at 9833 4721 or khoo.sophie@gmail.com.


Venue: Goodman Arts Centre Black Box
Duration: 90 minutes (no intermission)
Dates and times of performance: 25 to 28 October, 8p.m.; and 26 to 28 October, 3p.m.
Ticket prices: Evening $32; Matinee $28; Restricted view seats: $22.
Discount tickets at $25 for students and NSFs with a valid pass are available for Matinee shows; Discount tickets at $29.50 for students and $29.50 for NSFs with a valid pass are available for evenings shows. >> READ MORE

Pizzeria haunted? Video captures movements of objects

August 9, 2012 by Webmaster

ImageAn employee of Stocky's Pizza in Louisiana said the video had captured objects such as an ice scoop moving in a strange manner.

Security camera footage from a pizza restaurant in Louisiana in the U.S. purports to show the existence of ghosts.

Lori Evans, an employee of Stocky’s Pizza in Haughton, Louisiana, discovered that objects were not in the place she left them the night before.

She said: "When I came in the next morning, I found both of these ice scoops across the room over on the floor, the Tabasco sauce hidden behind the back, out there (on the kitchen floor)." >> READ MORE

A dead boy wakes up, asks father for water

June 13, 2012 by Webmaster

ImageA two-year-old dead boy woke up before his funeral, then lay back down, lifeless, after drinking a glass of water on Friday in Brazil.

Kelvin Santos died from pneumonia and respiratory failure at 7pm (7am Singapore time) on Friday in Aberlardo Santos Hospital. The following day, he reportedly sat up in his coffin during his wake, and asked his father for water. After drinking the water, he then lay back down and did not wake up again. >> READ MORE


June 10, 2012 by Webmaster

ImageThe new TRUE SINGAPORE GHOST STORIES BOOK #22 will be launched on the 15th June, 2012, Friday! It will be launched at the same time in Singapore and Malaysia. In Malaysia, the book will take a bit of time to reach outlying areas.

In True Singapore Ghost Stories Book 22, Russell Lee investigates the oldest and most mysterious treasures in the world, the Sacred Regalia of Japan. The three items of the regalia – the sword, mirror and jewel – are real. According to legend, their possession gives a man the right to be emperor of Japan. Russell Lee interviews Jonathan Holburt, author of Shadow Emperor, to uncover the facts. Shadow Emperor is a novel about the regalia, and Jonathan has done extensive research on the subject. Read the details in TSGS #22! >> READ MORE

'Vampire' skeletons unearthed in Bulgaria

June 9, 2012 by Webmaster

ImageArchaeologists in Bulgaria have unearthed two medieval skeletons pierced through the chest with iron rods to keep them from turning into vampires, the head of the country's history museum said.

According to pagan beliefs, people who were considered bad during their lifetimes might turn into vampires after death unless stabbed in the chest with an iron or wooden rod before being buried.

"These two skeletons stabbed with rods illustrate a practice which was common in some Bulgarian villages up until the first decade of the 20th century," national history museum chief Bozhidar Dimitrov said after the recent find in the Black Sea town of Sozopol. >> READ MORE

Thai police arrest Brit with foetuses for black magic

May 20, 2012 by Webmaster

ImageSix human foetuses which had been roasted and covered in gold leaf as part of a black magic ritual have been seized from a British citizen in Bangkok, Thai police said Friday.

Chow Hok Kuen, 28, who is of Taiwanese origin, was arrested with the grisly haul in the city's Chinatown on Thursday, police said. The corpses had been packed into luggage and were set to be smuggled to Taiwan.

The suspect bought the foetuses several days ago from a Taiwanese man in Thailand for 200,000 baht ($6,500) and planned to sell them in Taiwan for up to six times that amount, police said. The origin of the foetuses was unclear. >> READ MORE