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Nangking China

March 26, 2012 by Astral Li

When i went to a village in Nangking, China for a holiday with two of my male colleague for some work projects.
I stayed inside a motel which was just a normal hut rented out by the villagers.

While my two male friends slept in the other room, I slept alone in that room.
The hut were old type and look like a temple.

It was raining that night and the storm woke me up. And I was in for a shocked! For beside my bed on the floor, a petite and pretty young woman was lying down crying. Both her hands and legs were stretch apart and chained to a four metal post in that room which I didnt noticed when I first came here. The dirty grey long sleeves shirt which she was wearing were lifted up a little exposing her flat stomach and her baggy pants had its knots untied and lowered down a little.

"Please its painful, I didnt do anything...dont let them do it again" she pleaded to me in Mandarin. I didnt think about how she could be there in the first place. All I know is I had to let her go from those chains. But I failed. The chains were too tight that it cut deep into the flesh of her wrist and ankles.

And then she starts to mutter while looking behind me at the entrance door. "Please! Oh god! He's coming. He's coming!" I turn and look behind me but I couldnt see anyone there by the door. The woman must be in some kind of trauma. I assured her that there is nothing to be afraid and to stop crying. I also told her that I will called for help.

But she was hysterical and starts screaming. "No! NO! Please dont do it again! It hurts! AARGH! EAAARGH!"
It was the most heart-wrenching scream I had ever heard. She was in pain as she starts writhing her head in agony.
Something unexpected happen later that horrified me!

Her belly began to get sliced open mysteriously by itself from left to right. As though something invisible with an invisible sharp objects were cutting her open.

I looked in horror as her stomach were ripped apart by itself and her intestines began to lift itself upwards as though someone was holding it. Her painful cries were deafening as she looks at her own entrails now being held up by something invisible! There was so much blood everywhere, and that was the last thing I can remember before I passes out.

I woke up the next morning and ask my friends to check out immediately.

Later I learn that the hut was used by the Japanese soldiers to torture civilians during World War 2. While most of the physically fit men went to fight the Japanese. Many women and children who are not protected and were not spared. They were abused sexually and being murdered for the pleasure of their captors.

The Japanese took pleasure in causing pain to their abdomens to make them died a slow painful miserable death.
They were stripped or had their shirts torn or lifted up before having their vulnerable bare bellies filled with water while finally being kicked in, stomped on or ran over by trucks causing internal damage to their fragile organs.

Many also were raped before executed by disembowelment meaning having their stomach stab multiple times with bayonets, being impaled or cut open by a katana. Their intestines rudely being ripped and pulled out separating it from their bodies.
Most who died are kept on diets and will be too skinny or weak to fight back before being send to their doom.

May the restless soul of the woman whom I encountered, who are doom to repeat her own painful death, rest in peace
as I muttered a silent prayer for her...

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